Why We Be Churchin'

I love music.  I enjoy it sooooo much.  I like music that makes me feel good.  But I also have a music ministry to and I have to honest in that ministry.  People listen to the sound and the hooks of the music I write and they enjoy themselves so much.  What bothers me is that they aren't getting the real message behind the sound.  "We be churchin" is a celebration of God's love.  Its a pretty much an over-the-top praise dance that gets outta hand and will stay that way.  But the truth behind the celebration gets lost in the beat.  Its a testimony that I used to be an absolute MESS.  I was deeply hurt inside after years of events that I hadn't dealt with.  And hurt people hurt other people.  I was chained up in my sin and struggled with thoughts and near attempts of suicide.  I trashed nearly every relationship I had because of how damaged I was inside.  When God showed me how much he loved me and pulled me in close to him to cover me in his love, everything changed.  I'm not perfect.  I STILL have my struggles, but I am NOT what I used to be.  And I PRAISE God for that.  I Celebrate his love for me.  That's why we be praisin'. That's why We Be Churchin'


Stay Prayed Up






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