God Will Elevate You

I had been experiencing sort of a writer's block.  Not in the sense that I wasn't able to create anything, but more along the lines that everything was beginning to feel cliched or forced?  I would work on something and start hating it before I even finished.  It was starting to feel like the "juice" was running out.  Like the connection to the spirit of God was waning.  I started to doubt that I was destined to do this.  I started wondering why God would bestow a gift like this on me, only to sit by and watch me suffer as it faded away.  I know, I know, the enemy was speaking to me and I was stupidly listening.  But then a curious thought entered my mind.  "You have a ton of unfinished music... do that and then we can move forward."  I started looking at my hard drive at all of the snippets of tracks that I hadn't completed.  I was so used to tracks hitting me and me finishing them in a few hours time - that when it took longer than that, I would move on to something else. The result was a pile of unfinished ideas.  And then last night I found a bulging folder of lyrics that I had written back in the day when I had no instruments or recording equipment.  MORE music to finish.  I have enough material sitting around incomplete that should keep me working for a few.. even if I produced a track a week (produced, mixed & mastered) it's gonna take I'm guessing two years to record all of this.  

There's a moral to this.  God can't take you to your next level until you complete what you are going through now.  Joseph started out dreaming and interpreting his own dreams. That landed him in the pit, stripped of all the wealth he had coming from his father Israel.  He was sold into slavery, where God taught him to manage a household in such a way that his master NEVER even thought his affairs anymore.  From there he was tossed into prison where God taught him to manage that institution in such a way that Jailers gave him complete control over the prison - to the point where he controlled everything that happened there.  Using his natural gifts (interpreting dreams) and his God-instructed abilities prepared Joseph to command a nation.  To become the most powerful man in Egypt, yet humble and wise enough to still give honor and respect to Pharaoh.  Stay where you are.  Master what's before you.  And God will elevate you to a place where NOBODY can touch you.  


Stay Prayed Up!


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