Living That Life

Wow... been a while since I've posted.  Shame on me, I am so sorry about that.  I sometimes allow the frustrations of what I would like to see vs what I am seeing get to me.  I'm better than that.  You deserve better from me.  Where are we now?  The plan is to start releasing singles to build up to a live recording of the whole project.  The "STAND!" project.  I am excited about the flow of the music.  I'm truly enthused about the message, I think it's clearly stating a common theme:  that theme being "if you truly are a child of the king, stand up and say so - even if you have to do so by yourself."  But you know you would never truly be alone in that.  the Bible says that when you offer praise, the Spirit of God fills the room with you.  This concert will feature just about every song that I've ever written - so yeah, we will be hitting the road hard trying to get that word out.  I want a move of God that night - not just revenue.  I want the Spirit of God to fill that room.  I want people to walk away from that whole evening changed. It can't just entertainment.  This is too important for that to be all of it.  I really need for God to pour out of his Spirit that night.  There needs to be an overflow of the anointing of God that night.  I want that so badly.  I need that move of God moment where if the band left the stage, the people would stay in that moment with the presence of God.  That's what I want.  Desperately.  

Also, I will be on a 21 day fast.  From today until January 30th I will be spending more time in the presence of God and cutting out all the noise in my life.  It's weird how I've grown accustomed to things that poison my spirit. Since the start of the fast I've noticed how irritating they are to my walk with Christ. It's almost like after shaving... you don't notice all the little cuts you have until you apply the balm. The Bible talks about the "balm in Gilead", the doctor who can heal the wounds of the masses.  I've always known that I needed a spiritual physician, we all do.  Somehow I had forgotten that.  So now I refocus everything.  Get back to what I'm supposed to be.  A child of the most high and knowing and living that life.  

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