Background Music

I dunno.  I'm a songwriter. Poet. Playwright.  I even have plans for a comedy series about experiences I've had working on the ramp at the airline.  For some reason getting on here and telling you about it seems a challenge.  Please forgive me.  What's new?  We are diligently working to get the new song "Fall" released. I'm excited about the song simply because of the visions I've seen concerning it - how people will react to it.  The change in mindset that people will experience excites me so much!  I mean that is the whole reason we do this right?  Not to be famous or get rich or any of that.  We do this to minister to God and to his people.  Everything else will follow.  We minister to God because we love him and that love changes our whole being.  We minister to God's people because it changes the atmosphere around them and allows them to get to a place where they seek God more - which changes their whole being.  I LOVE being on stage and the people are getting lost in the words and the music and they forget we're there.  I truly love that most. They're just having their own experiences with God and we become an afterthought - background music to their Praise & Worship.


Stay Prayed Up! 


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