God Has The Final Say

Been recording videos to chronical the steps of the journey.  A few of them are up already.  I've been trying to keep people in the loop on what we are doing and how this is actually working out.  I am greatly appreciate of the people that I have gotten to work with.  I've been trying to chronical the vibe of this piece and the reactions to it.  So far 99% of what I've gotten is positive - which bothers me a little.  Either God is using this piece to reach people that wouldn't nornally come to the church or listen to the church sound… or I got something that appeals to the senses and doesn't edify.  And if the latter is the case, I'll scrap it all right now.  The song speaks to me.  I believe it honors the presence of God by glorifying the changes he's made in me.  I'm publishing it like man delivered from the legion of devils (Mark 5 1 -20). He told everyone as instructed by Jesus what good things God has done for him.  The song celebrates the deliverence that God has graced me with, the good things he's done for me.  I want that to be clear because the Bible says “if our Gospel is hid, it is hid to them that are lost…”. I want this to be clear.  I want this to be plain.  And I am sure that all the paranoia that I'm having with this song could all be from the enemy trying to shut this down.  But God has the final say.  

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