Just Gonna Chill

I finished the lyric video (yay!).  I keep hearing in my spirit that I needed to get it done this weekend.  It was grueling, but I hope you guys enjoy it.  I'll release it as soon as I get the mastered audio back from the “Jhedi Mixmaster”.   I'm looking forward to this.  I believe this song is going to reach some people.  I'm already feeling this weird sensation that the next song must be stronger.  Not stronger musically, but stronger spiritually.  This song is praise, quite simply.  The song absolutely has to be strong spiritual meat.  But even as I write this, I'm dismissing that thought.  God gave me this one, he'll give me the next.   And it will say EXACTLY what it wants him to say, so now I'll relax on that.  I'm just gonna chill 'til God hooks me up with the next.  


Stay Prayed Up!





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