Keep Me In Your Prayers

Went to the doc today to check out my shoulder.  Pranged it in a fall a few weeks ago.  It hurts but I'm only speaking healing to myself.  I won't speak all that I've heard other people go through.  I'm healed and that's all that I will accept.  

Only a few more weeks and we drop “we be churchin”. I'm truly excited about how weill this song will do.  I'm excited about people praising God to a song I wrote.  I'm just up for this.  God is good!  I'm still waiting to get the master back.  I'm a bit nervous, but I will only speak that it will be beyond what even I expected.  I will apply it to the lyric video and then prep to the shoot the real one.  I have a milion ideas bouncing around my head, but I still don't have the concept yet.  I know that God will give me what is perfect.  I know that God will give me what needs to heard and seen.  ‘til then, you guys keep me in your prayers!

Stay Prayed Up



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